Cables swoop in on FA Club Leaders Programme

A couple of months ago we applied to the league and FA to be considered for the pilot scheme of the FA Club Programme. We are pleased to announce that we have been nominated as one of the chosen clubs for the next pilot scheme.

This weekend Matt Roberts and Jamie Weston will attend a seminar and workshop at St Georges Park to start the initial discussions on moving the programme forward.

So what does this mean for the club?

We are provided with an FA consultant who will work closely with the club to develop key areas and help move the club on to the next level. Its not just the business side of things that will be developed, it could also include working with the football management team to see if there are any improvements to be made within the structure and also looking to see what improvements can be made to the facilities and what funding is available for these improvements.

We will provide further updates in the coming weeks but if you would like any further information then please don’t hesitate to contact either Jamie or Matt.

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