Chairman’s Update Regarding Current Situation

Everyone is well aware of the current pandemic that we are going through and we wanted to give you an update of what’s been going on behind the scenes at the club.

Our aim in the first instance was to keep going ahead with functions at the club so that the staff could continue to get an income and provide for their families. We had a discussion with our Bar Manager to make sure that all of the staff were happy to work and make sure that they followed all government guidelines regarding health and hygiene around the Coronavirus as well as bookings being happy to go ahead.

Unfortunately many of our functions were cancelled and with the latest information, we were forced to close the doors. Our first priority after this happened was the wellbeing of our staff. Although there have not been many updates on social media from the club, we felt that the main priority was to follow the leagues and governments guidance and try to secure some wages for our staff in these difficult times.

Regarding our current staff that we employ will be classed furloughed. This means that we will continue to pay them 80% and apply to the government under the new scheme to cover this. This will ensure that we can continue to pay staff a wage that will help support their families in these difficult times.

Im sure you will all agree that we are facing some difficult times and we still have bills to pay to keep the club going. Some of our fellow clubs will be in a much worse situation than we are as they have to continue to pay players wages whereas we don’t have any contracted players within the club.

This doesn’t mean that we are out of danger. We have lost all our revenue streams like ticket sales, matchday sponsorships and function room takings. Although we will get some support from the government, we just need to keep our fingers crossed that this will come in time. There is an option for a small business grant of £10,000 but we are just awaiting the local council getting in contact.

As per the government advice, our players are not currently carrying out group training sessions for their own safety. Under the current circumstances they are doing the best they can to keep their fitness levels up.

As a community club we appreciate that these current times are extremely difficult for families which is why at this time we will not be starting a crowdfunder to raise money. Families at the minute are having a hard enough time as it is by trying to put food on the table especially with Knowsley being one of the most deprived areas in the country. Instead all that we would ask is for you all to look after each other and make sure you are all fit and healthy for when the football comes back. Please check in on the elderly and vulnerable within our fantastic community as per government guidelines.

If you do still feel that you would like to donate, then we would ask that you make your donation to the community kitchen that is currently being set up by Imaginarium Bistro. You can contact Gaynor on [email protected] to help in any way you can.

We would encourage anyone that is able to volunteer in any way to please do so.

Finally we would like to wish everyone all the very best of health for you and your families and please stay safe.

Until next time!

Matt, Jamie and Joe

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