Club Statement Regarding Season Pause


Following on from the statement released at 6:00pm, the club would like to issue a further statement to explain the current position.

The club have been monitoring the current situation and working with the league, FA and Knowsley Council. On Tuesday, we attended a Teams call with all clubs from the Northern Premier League to discuss the re-start of the league following November’s national lockdown.

During the call it become quite clear that the majority of teams in The Northern Premier League across all divisions, are now placed under Tier 3 restrictions and unable to have fans attend any fixtures. The club and also some of our local clubs raised the fact that we have already been in this situation where fans weren’t allowed to our games. On a previous vote, clubs agreed that they would continue to play until the majority of teams in the league were unable to have fans at games. Unfortunately, this is now the situation that we are faced with and the reason that the board voted to continue with the pause of the season.

There were numerous reasons that we came to this decision, but the main one being that although we have faced fixtures behind closed doors at considerable cost to the club, we weren’t the majority throughout the league. We support our fellow clubs to make sure that we can all try and come back stronger when the fixtures are resumed. There is a real risk that clubs could go out of business due to there being no funding packages in place and for them to play behind closed doors. It would increase their costs significantly with players wages, staffing etc. If infections rates rise locally, there is also a huge possibility that we could go back into Tier 3 where we couldn’t have fans. We strongly believe that all our fellow clubs should be able to have fans in their stadiums and we need to stick together in this Pandemic.

There are lots of things being put out across social media and news that there is a large funding package in place for non-league football. When looking further in to this, the majority of this funding, if not all, is made up of repayable loans, not grants, which is obviously no good to most no-league clubs. There is also no date of when this funding will be available which doesn’t help matters. Due to how a lot of non-league clubs including ourselves are set up, we are not able to take on debt so loans are not practical for the club.

We have said previously since the structure of the board was changed, that we would be more open in information that is put out and we do not want to be seen as operating behind closed doors. This is the reason for making how we came to our decision public and for all to see.

The fans are the backbone of the club, and we want to make sure that not only we survive as a club, but that non league also survives as a whole through this trying period.

We will discuss plans going forward with the management team and playing staff, on how to proceed whilst the pause is in place. We hope this will bring good news to fans and an ability to watch live football during the pause.

If anyone has any further questions regarding this then please contact [email protected]

Thank you to our shareholders, sponsors, volunteers, fans and the local community for all your continued support, we will get through this together!

Yours, the Prescot Cables Board

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