Reserves back in action

Prescot Cables reserves are back in action today, travelling to Newton FC in a West Cheshire League fixture. Spectators are not allowed in to watch the game so we will keep supporters updated on social media channels.

Lee Owens, the reserve team manager, found out about the return through social media channels and is happy to be getting back out on the pitch.

“We got the confirmation via social media regarding the league going ahead on Saturday 3rd April which is great news for everyone involved just to have some sort of normality back in there lives an something to look forward to which will be a massive help to anyone who has been struggling mentally over the last 2 months think that’s the real big winner here, I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.”

With seven league games and at least one cup game to play, the run-in will be quite busy but Lee thinks his side is ready despite the long break due to the pandemic lockdown.

“We have 7 league games to play which will see everyone play each other at least once alongside the Pyke Cup, which will take us to [a minimum of] 8 games to play if we don’t progress to the next round of the competition. The the schedule is currently looking at 2 games a week which shouldn’t be much of an issue for us as we have depth in numbers so we should be able to cope with the demands an field a competitive team each game.”

Without any games and being unable to train, the squad got together for training this week for the first time since mid-December, just as the side was starting to find its feet after after stepping up a level. The players were allowed a break over Christmas and new year but in January Lee and his team made good use of social media to start bringing the squad together and start to get them ready for the return of football. With some of the players still working, it presented a challenge but once a start date for the resumption of the season was known it was a change of tack for Lee.

“Once we hit middle of January some players were taking up online sessions with a PT to keep them ticking over. It’s been a challenge to get them all online together as people are still working during lockdown so we kind of give them the reins to keep themselves active. Once we had a start date the players were told they needed to step up their fitness levels ready for 3rd April as we will only have one training session together before we start. It isn’t ideal but we’re all in the same boat.”

It’s great to see the team return to action and it’s even better having some football to talk about. The lockdown has had a big impact on all of our lives and a candid Lee revealed his own experience of mental health issues and extended a hand an ear to anyone with the same issues or just wanting to talk.

“I hope everyone associated with the club is safe and staying strong we can finally see the light at the end of tunnel it wont be long until your back in the ground cheering the players on an socialising with all your friends and families, if anyone is struggling mentally please do contact me via social media, phone, email don’t sit in silence with your thoughts, I had a mental breakdown few years ago in pre season which hit me hard, it took me 6 months of battling anxiety & depression to finally step outside so I know what them dark days are like but trust me you are all strong inside.”

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