New kits unveiled ahead of the new season

Prescot Cables FC has unveiled its home and away kits for the 2022/23 season, with both kits available for pre-order today.

Designed and manufactured by Hope & Glory and inspired by the unique heritage of the historic town of Prescot, the bespoke home ECOKIT kit design echoes the regeneration of the town and its’ resurgence as an area of growth and potential in the North West.

The original concept for the home kit design was developed by artist Martin Heron and sees a return to the much-loved amber and black club colours. Martin is most widely known locally as the artist who worked in consultation with the town and its residents to bring the unique signage which appears all around Prescot. The design features key elements of Prescot’s rich industrial heritage, community and history. The away design, developed by Hope & Glory Sportswear, tips its hat to Cables kits from the past with a modern theme.

The reverse of both kits feature the 1884 emblem which once greeted fans as they walked into the ground but lost due to renovations, now preserved and captured on the new kit.

Speaking at the internal kit launch, Vice-Chairman Gary Finney said “The kit is the club’s shop window to the world. Picking the right people and the right manufacturer was key to capturing a crazy idea that I had after seeing Martin’s work one rainy miserable night on the drive home from a game in 2021. Massive thanks must go to Martin, Hope & Glory Sportswear and KMBC for making this concept a reality.”